The Pug is a breed of dog recognized by the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel.


Coat Colors:

Silver, Black, and Apricot





Description Edit

3DS: "This dog originated in ancient China. the wrinkly face and curly tail are its famed features."

The pug is a toy dog that is one of the most popular dogs in the USA. It first originated in China around 400 BC. The wrinkles on its face that give it a cute appearance are a result of its "cute" pushed in face.

This can give a Pug quite a few issues, such as difficulty breathing due to having an elongated palate. It also makes it easier for the pug to overheat. Also, like other dogs with pushed-n muzzles, the Pug may snore in its sleep and often fart from swallowing air while breathing through its mouth. Another thing that the brachycephalic head gives the Pug is shallow eye sockets, which allow for its eyes to accidentally pop out if its neck is held too tight or a collar is pulled too tight. Therefore, it is suggested that an owner use a harness when walking their Pug in real life. At the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel, the pug's kinds come in Silver, Black, and Apricot. If the player chooses "Surprise Me!" they may find a pug mix or pure white pug.

Unlocking the BreedEdit