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Owner Points are a great points system for Nintendogs + Cats to unlock new items and features. The Points system works like its predecessor in Nintendogs, the Trainer Points. They are also a great way to praise your dog (like in the photo a Miniature Dachshund is doing a trick in its house for a reward) and are useful for orginization. However there are some changes.


Each dog or cat can earn a maximum of 200 Owner Points per day. For instance, if the owner has 3 pets at home, they can earn up to 600 Owner Points.

Players can also earn Owner Points with different pets found on walks at the park, though they cannot earn any Owner Points from StreetPass/SpotPass dogs, or pets they meet at the kennel. In order for the player to view the amount of Owner Points their dog or cat has earned, they need to click on the pet's icon at the top left when viewing its status. Next to the heart in a thought bubble, it tells them how much they earned with that pet.

Gaining Owner Points are much easier than earning Trainer Points from Nintendogs, as Owner Points are not deducted when the player commits a "wrong mistake". For example, if the player's dog rolls in a puddle during one of their walks, the system will only lessen Owner Points earned, not deduct their existing balance unlike the DS version.

How to earn Owner PointsEdit

  • Feeding your pet.
  • Grooming/Bathing your pet.
  • Enter a competition, regardless of first, second or third position. (Though they have different weightage)
  • Walk your pet.
  • Get a StreetPass/SpotPass Nintendogs + Cats tag.
  • Play with your pet with different items.
  • Buying food at a local restraunt for your dog
  • Interacting with your pet (stroking and petting).

You can also check that you earn your Owner Points by seeing "sparkles" when you do something with your pet.