The Miniature Dachshund is a breed of dog recognized by the Nintendogs + Cats Club Kennel.

Miniature Dachshund

Coat Colors:

Red and Black & Tan

Coat Type:







3DS: "This breed from Germany is unmistakable, with its very long torso and short legs.

The Dachshund is a short-legged, spirited little hound. Despite being the smallest of the hounds, they have a big personality. They make good guard dogs and are popular pets. Due to the long, narrow build, they are sometimes referred to as a sausage or "hot dog". Their long bodies and short legs, although cute to most people, can lead to health problems. Plenty of excersise is not acceptable due to this reason, and a minimal walk per day is at its maximum.

At the Nintendogs + Cats Club kennel, miniature dachshunds come in two colors, Red and Black & Tan. If the player selects "Surprise Me!" they may find a pure white dachshund

Hot dogs were originally called "Dachshund sausages."

Unlocking the BreedEdit