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Congratulations! After you buy a puppy at the kennel, you can choose a kitten. Your local kennel most likely will have three breeds of registered cats: Standard, Oriental Shorthair, and Longhair. Always buy a kitten from a responsible outlet. Consider your local kennel, which usually contains plenty of friendly kittens looking for good homes.

Another thing you should look at when choosing a kitten is its personality. For example, a cat with the personality--This lively male has boundless energy to play.--may be an active, boisterous young cat that will make a good pet as long as you are able to give him plenty of excersise. The best kitten to choose is usually the most average of the litter. Many of your neighbors report that they chose their kitten when their kitten came purring up to them, rubbed against them, and demmanded their attention. This may well be the kitten to choose if you are a not a first-time owner, or if you want to work with him/her when he/she is older, but in the wrong hands this cat may rule the roost within a while.

Choosing a healthy kitten is not difficult--unless you allow your heart to rule your head. Too many kittens are brought out of pity, and not because they will make a suitable pet. Make sure you check any puppy thoroughly before buying.

The kitten should have bright eyes with no discharge or cloudiness. The ears should be clean--look right down inside the ears and check that there is no brown wax. If there are small black specks or dots that could indicate the presence of an infection or mites. A kitten's coat should look clean and shiny. Running the 3DS stylus against the grain of the coat allows you to look at the condition of the skin. The coat should be free from any signs of infection, fleas, mites, scaliness and dandruff. Overall, the kitten should look slender and slim, big-eyed and rounded, and their physique should be ideal. Their meow should not be pitchy and squeaky.

Even though they are very popular pets in Nintendogs + Cats since they are new to the kennel, kittens are different from puppies in so many ways. They are in general quite independent, so it is best to let them go ahead and do what they like instead of struggling to coax them to do it your way as a dog would. You will also have to purchase water, dry food, grooming materials, a bed, toys, and furniture for them in entertainment.

Overall, if you follow the instructions listed here you should end up with a good kitten. Enjoy and have fun with your furry little friend.